Do you ever feel like I do somedays, where you are not sure what your purpose is and exactly what it is your supposed to be doing? I know I have had a lot of those days lately. I am a mom, and of course that is my number one purpose and most important here on this earth but, you know what I mean...that feeling like you were meant to do more and may have an idea of what that purpose is beyond that...just how do I get there? You feel stuck! Yep, that is me right now.

I know in my head what I would love to do and accomplish but it seems like such a challenging task to arrive at that place I have my eyes set on. I have a story to tell but getting it out and accomplishing that in the correct way some days seems impossible. The words get all jumbled up in my head and I just need to get it all in order, Ya know?! Ugh, I call it my identity crisis but that really is not the correct term, I believe. I do not know about that, but I do know at almost 40 years old, I have that strong urge that I am made for more. How to get there is another issue.