Society I think has it all wrong.

I love my quiet time and trust me everyone needs some quiet time, but too much quiet time can be unhealthy and dangerous for some people. I know from my experience that I need to find a healthy balance because too much quiet gives me time to start down the rabbit hole into the darkness of rethinking about the past, I start having guilt and I dwell on the negative instead of the positive.

One of my daily goals now is to take my quiet time and concentrate on positive thoughts and things, as soon as I recognize the ugly and dark thoughts invading my head I get up and start finding distractions. Those distractions can be anything that you love and enjoy. My distractions include a phone call to a family member or friend. I look through positive quotes, I journal what I am grateful for and put my thoughts on paper. I love photography so I grab my camera and take a walk in nature, enjoy the scenery but take photos of the beauty I find in nature. There is more beauty than we even realize out there!

It is during those quiet moments that some tend to beat themselves up and those thoughts start to torment you. COVID really caused a lot of people to hit rock bottom and depression set in because as great as it sounds to get "time alone" and work from home, it quickly caused some to spiral down, especially those already struggling with mental illness. It's heartbreaking the effects that have come from that alone. I personally was one of them. Depression and anxiety crept in and hit me like a ton of bricks. Thankfully I am much better and learning how to recognize and handle these moments but for too many they are still in that fight. Don't get me wrong because I still fight every day but I'm learning how to cope and the skills to beat this monster. If you know of someone struggling, whatever you do, let them know you are there for them and look out for signs that they may be getting worse.