Misconceptions on Mental Illnesses

There are too many misconceptions in society today in regards to mental health. We need to nurture an environment that builds on other's strengths and ultimately promotes good mental health.

Some ways we can help with these misconceptions is to learn the facts, share them with others and if you hear others throwing out the words "loony", "crazy", "psycho"...we need to correct them and make them aware of how that makes others feel and take those labels off. People with mental illness need to be treated with respect and dignity just as you would anyone else.

Respect the rights of those that have mental illnesses, do not discriminate against them. Mental illness can affect anyone at anytime.

I know I personally struggle with a lot of anxiety, been through depression and the highs and lows. It can really impair a person's mood, thinking and behavior; trust me, those that struggle already beat themselves up about it enough without others ridiculing. I know I dealt with some serious fog and lack of concentration, I can sometimes have difficulty remembering the simplest things and names. It's a daily work in progress for me.

It is possible to recover and seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of. There are a lot of resources available out there now. Therapy, counselors, therapist, psychiatrists, looking to peers and family. There are some great medications out there now that truly help alone or combined with therapy. There are so many people that struggle with mental illness but still function daily and live productive and successful lives. Some mental illnesses are a product of biological factors, social, genetic and psychological. Some mental illnesses stay pretty hidden until something traumatic in one's life triggers the signs and symptoms, then without acknowledging them and seeking help, it can snowball into them getting worse. Some careers can be so stressful that it brings them on as well.

Bottom line is, the misconceptions need to stop with mental illness because it does NOT mean that a person is just "loony" or "crazy". Take time to educate yourself.