Hey! So Glad You're Here.


Many twists and turns in this life; my triumphant travel isn't over, have overcome some of the biggest storms. Join me on this journey.

My confidence, perceived self-worth and who I even was got lost in the past through many traumatic events in my life. I was letting it define me, but I had to find that woman again and I found that she is there, but she is stronger than she ever realized, and she was tired of fighting for what others thought, perceived or wished she would be. She started living a life for her and who she truly was.

You are the only one that knows yourself. If you got out of bed and that’s all you did that day…you did your best! Proud of you! No one knows what it took to even get out of bed that day or today. It may be YOUR best and that’s perfectly OK. Someone else’s best isn’t YOUR best. Do for you.

This path I am on, and you may be going through something completely different, but I have found that instead of trying to always love my WHOLE self, love pieces of yourself and start there. I still have a long way to go and may never arrive, but I wake up every day feeling grateful for another chance and another day.

My past no longer defines me and who I am, instead it has refined me and made me a better me. I would love to take the lessons and tidbits I have learned over the years and hopefully help others find their own way and know the strengths that truly lie within you.

I have done a lot of journaling over the years and some of my content are things I wrote over the years that helped me get to this point. A lot of it I dug out and it reminds me of how far I have came and what I have overcome. I went years with almost a block of reality, and I assume it was a form of protection for me. I love pulling these pieces out and having the reminder of how far I've come and still must go.